Quiz to the lecture

1)Which answers best describe the logistics objective?

    Quality advantage through increased logistics quality

    Cost advantage by reducing logistics costs

    Increase customer satisfaction by improving product quality

    Quality advantage through expansion of the supply chain

2) What effect can the following measures have? – Optimization of logistics or production sites – Regular tenders – Route optimization

    cost reduction

    quality improvement

    sales increase

    Increase in the turnover rate

3) How can the logistics quality be increased?

    No own storage

    Just in time delivery

    Delivery time reduction

    Shift stockkeeping to the customer’s side

4) What is the closest match to a definition of logistics?

    The right product, at the right time, in the right amount at the right place

    The right product, produced on the right production line for the right customer

    The right product in the right packaging, at the right time, in the right quantity in the right warehouse

    The right service, at the right time in the right market

5) What measures are used to optimize logistics?

    Shortening transport routes and delivery times due to the proximity of warehouse and production

    Constant optimization of the flow systems / supply chain

    Extension of the throughput times to build up a buffer

    Extension of the assortment width