Logistics School

The design laboratory in the Production and Economics department regularly carries out logistical and business management simulations. The new freshman students in the degree program in logistics now learned “playfully” contents of various specialist areas, such as logistics, production, accounting and cost accounting know. “This makes the content vivid and comprehensible for the undergraduate students,” says our  Professor .

The simulation game, a kind of scientific board game for learning, simulates logistics-relevant processes in a company and shows which factors can influence profitability. The students work in groups as an independent team and manage a company. The focus is on both general and industry-specific key figures for operational control, which are learned and applied in the course of the simulation.

In higher semesters, further simulation games on various topics, such as storage and transport organization or planning and controlling the flow of goods and information for companies with several production and storage levels, are added. These topics require a higher level of abstraction and correspondingly more complex decision-making chains. At the end of the study, student teams will apply their theoretical knowledge to compete in electronically simulated markets.

Everyone wins the simulation game – they gain knowledge and knowledge. Basically, all simulation games take advantage of the fact that they activate the “play instinct” of the participants and one learns thus almost incidentally. This takes place in a practice-relevant framework, in which entrepreneurial decisions can be made in the overall context and their effects can be realistically analyzed. The students realize business management measures on safe exercise terrain and recognize their direct impact.

Many of the simulation games used in teaching are also used in the continuing education areas of renowned large companies. Thus, the students are well prepared for future practice requirements.

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